Gabriella Golden is a Lancashire born artist hailing from Accrington. She has explored many mediums, producing fantasy art and illustrations covering a variety of interests which have exhibited locally in her hometown in East Lancashire and internationally in New York and Denmark.
Primarily an artist who was more known for works in black line ink, Gabriella's more current works there's more focus on combining various digital art techniques with traditional media, exploring vectors and digital colours for the sole purpose of destroying to rebuild again. This results in a lot of colour explosion and interesting results, the subject of the pictures aren't planned but are dictated by the patterns and creatures formed within the errors within the work itself.

With no formal qualifications, Gabriella has been persistent in developing her career as an illustrator. She landed her first professional job in comics in 2014, for local comic book publishers ‘Wizard’s Keep’ providing colours for the ‘World’s End 2’ graphic novel. Alongside the colouring job, Gabriella branched off independently with ambitions of producing prints, fine art and independent zines inspired by fantasy art and pop-culture roots.

A voracious appetite for learning and growing as an artist has kept Gabriella’s work constantly evolving and changing. When she is not at her studio focusing on independent projects, Gabriella can be found exploring nature, visiting exhibitions and playing video games.