Since I was a child, drawing was a natural flowing thing to me and then at school I could develop my skills in art class (in those years the arts were still important at school) and participating in the costume and stage design in school plays. In college I began studying art philosophy or aesthetics, and then switched to something more down to earth such as graphic design, studies that I performed in Germany. After graduating with a mayor in photography I went back to Chile, where I began to work in mayor advertising agencies. After a few years the independence bug bit me and I began to work as a commercial photographer. Besides I continued painting a few ideas I wanted to develop (and still do). After long years working for advertising agencies, recognizing the great crisis in education worldwide, I decided to quit and began to help out my wife ( who is a Waldorf teacher) to start and manage a Waldorf teachers seminar. Besides I still make photographs in a way of expressing my view and sharing my art with everyone who is touched by the images.