Hesam Jey is mostly known for his multi media artworks, his struggles to find the true medium for incarnation of his ideas, his works are also best known because of their appearance in so many different music album covers from famous musicians in middle east and over the globe.

He showed his interest in art when he was a little child and he started drawing for the first times when he was 5, the more he grew up the more he began to show interest to picture imaginative characters and following his sub-conscious imaginations and images. that lead him to start studying Animation in School of Arts. in those years he achieved many prizes and his animations showcased in so many exhibitions, but despite of his interest in animation and concept design, that he imagined how his future is going to be as a game designer or animator, he decided to study in the field of Fine arts and sculpture.

Studying sculpture, having a background in animation and being a full time painter, let him be able to have a chance of trying every possible medium in art, from installations to traditional painting and digital/physical sculptures and etc.

This possibility for him, made his art the way it looks now, a combination of laws of physics that reminds us of the real sculptures, animated and breathing, in atmospheres that reminds us of romantic and neo-classic paintings.

the main characteristic thing about artworks he makes is the story behind it. he mostly tries to tell stories about issues that are unpleasant or sometimes forgotten by people, things like our interpretation of reality, after life, mindlessness, dissolve of ego mind, self made values, dreams and etc.

his every day life and experiences inspires him to draw new forms and design new connections between symbols in his work, his middle eastern background in the way of thinking and philosophy is what makes his works understandable and at the same time vague to the eyes of viewer.