Im Hekate; a multidimensional artist from Lesotho & South Africa who centres her work around the themes of Occult Spirituality and Psychology!
I began engaging with visual & performative mediums of art since I was a young girl. I became obsessive with Acting, Dance, 2D Digital Art & recently 3D art! I didn't grow up privileged enough to study graphic design/digital art in school, so I utilised my school's computer lab to start self-teaching.
I then found myself extremely fascinated by everything that lies beyond our mere 3-dimensional perception of reality-I wanted to see & experience "more". Mysticism is at the core of all human beings and the energy that is ignited from engaging consciously with ones raw soul is immense. I believe this is the ultimate source of creativity and true power in all the universe, and it fascinates me that this energy is within each and every human being. At the core I am a student & messenger of the cosmos and I enjoy the exploration of our human consciousness and what lies deeper within our mind-body-and soul.
Im still quite young and haven't been privileged enough to pursue my creative passions as a full-time career, but during my years studying the arts for a short while I was rewarded with my high schools 'Excellence in Theatrical & Performance Arts' award, as well as a Distinction in Performing Arts and Acting in University. These achievements may be small but having been offered to participate in NFT art since February 2021, I hope to use this rare opportunity to advance my career even further; especially to show fellow Lesotho youth that poverty can be overcome as a barrier and we are allowed to be dreamers.
It really is unfortunate that growing up marginalised, impoverished, and in a particularly abusive household can halt ones sense of optimism or hope when it comes to the future. One generally grows up with the belief that they are destined to continue living under the same debilitating circumstances indefinitely! I am extremely excited to see how far I can take these dreams of mine and I hope they are of benefit to society as a whole. I intend to continue learning and experimenting with my creativity as much as I can for as long as possible.

I hope to connect with peoples' souls through my creations & help them find solace and love through my stories!