Hannes Hummel x Dexamol


Hannes Hummel
Hannes Hummel is an interdisciplinary designer focusing on the intersection of artistic exploration and bespoke design — specialized in the fields of 3D-motion and still life visuals with a contemporary, modern aesthetic with an emphasis on photorealism. He frequently collaborates with other artists and agencies to create outstanding experiences. His work has been exhibited and shown at galleries, modern art museums, festivals, and design shows worldwide.

Originally from Toronto and currently residing in Tel Aviv, Dekel Oved A.K.A. Dexamol has been creating art since a very early age with a focus on 3D art. Dexamol’s work transports us to a not-too-distant future of synthetic insects and environments. Producing short animations and digital images, Dexamol’s art bypasses engendered dichotomies such as natural vs artificial & finds big beauty in small things. His work was most recently shown in "Lost and Not Found" at Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam, a charity exhibition in support of Rainforest Trust. He currently works with University of Tokyo researchers as an artist for biological conservation projects that would sound completely sci-fi to many. Learn More



The Bloom Collective is proud to present its next chapter of artist collaboration - "Cycle" by Dexamoland and Hannes Hummel.

The release is a collaborative NFT project between two Bloom co-founders, consisting of four digital artworks and one special edition piece, accompanied by a physical 3D-holographic screen. For the Cycle project, both artists took their inspiration from "Cassette Futurism"-a visual aesthetic reminiscent of the mid-1970s to late 1990s tech. Apollo-era computer electronics and proto-cellphone color schemes meet off-the-wall experiments with strange creatures. Each of the five artworks embodies a variation on the theme while also being simultaneously connected to every other piece in the series.

The centerpiece of the drop, a 3D-holographic screen (in addition to the digital artwork), underlines this concept, as well as the aesthetic vision of both artists. In essence, the artwork pushes the digital realm into the physical, as a further exploration of both artists' phygital work.

Collector Reward

The winner of Unity Cycle will receive a unique physical "holoscreen" displaying a 3D video of the artwork.


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