Greetings. My name is Marko. I am from Ukraine and have been working as a digital artist for about 7 years - my journey started with UX/UI and I found myself fully immersed into 3D art and that brought me to directing the short film "SkyFill" (behance \ vimeo) with my team.

All my life I’ve been passionate about: science fiction, music, technology and philosophy. I absorbed everything - from cartoons about Conan the Barbarian, Star Wars and Alien, to films of both Tarkovsky and Tarantino.

Music plays an important role in my perception of the world and creativity, from the age of 13 I played in bands of various genres, on various instruments. AGRUSS is the most successful project in which I have been (am now) involved.

My mix is based on dark metal music, gloomy routine of everyday living, problems of an emerging “democratic” country, movies… sprinkle it with images of various artists you know of - and this is probably it that shaped my views and influenced me in general.

The very idea of ​​creating an unknown, unusual world, with its secrets, oddities, dangers, culture and forms of life - serves as inspiration for me. In this - I find a way to escape from the reality ... cruel, unforgiving and incredibly saddened nowadays.

In most of my works I try to add what I’ve experienced emotionally or physically. Hoping that I will be understood and accepted, and that my views will be shared, and there will be an opportunity for some new minds to begin imagining a brave new world.

After all, we can not only forge our reality, we can forge it for others too.