Hackatao is a renowned artist duo created in Milan in 2007, who has been pioneering the crypto art space since 2018. They are known across the community for their iconic contemporary creation style which incorporates elements of street art, graphic design, tattoo art and more. Hackatao’s artworks span across mediums and artistic genres, yet almost always carry important social commentary, often centered around psychology, humanity, the environment and crypto. Their artworks include a number of symbols, nods to pop culture and historic references. Learn More



Pioneering cryptoart duo Hackatao, are breaking open the concept of remix art and diving straight in, exploring many of the questions mentioned above through a collective community art project. Alongside Piselli and Partners law firm and curator Eleonora Brizi (Breezy), Hackatao is calling on the cryptoart community at large to help explore the meaning and implications of what it means to remix a piece of art.

Benefits of the Dynamic Token

The owner of the dynamic token will be listed as a collaborator on, and receive 26% of the seller proceeds of the sale of all subsequent snapshots, as well as 26% of the seller royalties (i.e 2.6%) on future sales of the snapshots while they own the dynamic token (excluding the first snapshot which they will be gifted).

Learn more about Remix Me, including the many benefits conferred to the owner of the first 'dynamic token' on MakersPlace, on our blog.

Community Remix Submissions

In addition to the Remix Me - Dynamic Token, Hackatao and their community collaborators are also auctioning the individual Remix submissions from each artist who participated. Explore these immediately below the Dynamic Token.


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