We are hacking the Tao

Hackatao is an artists duo born in Milan in 2007, pioneering the crypto art space since 2018.
"Hack" for the pleasure of discovering what’s hidden under the skin; "Tao" for Yin and Yang, their creative dynamic balance.

Their very unique style, the combination of an extra detailed drawn part and a colorful painted flat style, makes them stand out at first glimpse. The harmonious and continuous flow of drawings, at times recalling the graffiti art in the play of fluxes and connections, finds its "cage "and home in the very defined pop borders and figures, resulting in a uniform visual whole.

Hackatao’s involvement and contribution to the crypto art space community are crucial.
Constantly experimenting with new digital tools and artistic medium, their work boasts many collaborations with artists in the visual art space, as well as in different disciplines, like music and poetry. Expanding the borders of their creativity to what could is called POP.

Hackatao’s art pieces often are commentaries on the main issues of society, environment, humanity and crypto, as well as referencing art history, symbolism and psychology.