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If Libra symbolizes the encounter between complementaries. Scorpio refers to the clash of antagonists, that is, to the inexorable meeting of those elements that — being at a maximum distance from each other — are attracted to disappear into a new reality that synthesizes them.
In Scorpio, all interaction must be … (read more)

If Libra symbolizes the encounter between complementaries. Scorpio refers to the clash of antagonists, that is, to the inexorable meeting of those elements that — being at a maximum distance from each other — are attracted to disappear into a new reality that synthesizes them.
In Scorpio, all interaction must be intense enough to produce the essential transfer of energy between those who are linked, both in death and in a sexual attraction or in the circulation of goods.
Scorpio shows what was hidden in the previous signs: there is no life that does not contain destruction within itself; and this is a necessary condition for creativity. The human body remains alive as a whole because it contains within itself infinite processes of death and reproduction.
At this point, we must return to the zodiacal matrix and its deep logic.
Cancer and Leo appear due to the exclusion of everything threatening and potentially destructive - to protect the new level of existence that grows in the shelter of form -,
What is peculiar about this movement is that what is stabilized seems to be distinctly separate from the rest, creating the illusion of constituting an autonomous entity that feels immersed in a universe of equally autonomous entities. For its part, that which remains temporarily excluded, continues its evolution until the two lines of this unfolding - the protected and the excluded - meet again.
Scorpio embodies the moment when the conscience, which was previously protected, must meet everything that had been excluded.
The zodiacal meaning of this sign is precisely to produce the joining together of the elements that should have been kept separate until a certain process is completed. Consciousness, which developed thanks to the shelter of the protective form, must now meet life in all its rawness.
It is a Water sign and uses this element, its feelings and emotions to produce union, this union via the emotional implies a surrender, the death of the individual, to be able to contact and merge with the other, it is a moment of letting go; a moment of death.
That is why this sign is in contact with everything hidden in the depths of the emotional. Compulsions, fears, taboos, all the repressed feelings of humanity, the darkest part of us, we find in Scorpio. This includes death, instinct, the unconscious, but also states that go beyond consciousness. Everything that is unknown and mysterious, that cannot be understood or explained, in which Libra cannot make a subtle accompanying movement, all this appears in Scorpio.
The nature of Scorpio prevents denying any aspect of reality and leads to developing a strong sensitivity towards the depths of human nature and life itself; This is something that cannot be done if contact with suffering is excluded or denied.
In the same way for Libra something is only real if both poles are present, for Scorpio something is real only if the negated is present.
In Libra, the moment in which we meet with another took place; two separate entities were found, which see each other as opposites, they discriminate against each other, there is social conscience but the individual does not identify with the community if he does not work for it.
Scorpio is the next step that involves the union by fusion, it involves identifying by getting involved from the most intimate, through its water element which makes it penetrating and perceptive. It is the moment of deep union from the emotional, there is mixing, there is fusion. The individual must no longer exist as a separate being. For consciousness this is death, the death of individuality, but that death promises a rebirth, a regeneration, revitalization, it is the death that leads to more life.
Scorpio is the sign of energy management, from healing to manipulation, how energy is made to move so that it bears fruit and something concrete can be obtained.
Coming from Libra, Scorpio carries within itself the bond of a couple; he looks for another with whom it can merge, to enter into the depths together and then achieve a total surrender; to undress, to strip away.
The key to this sign is fusion, a union of the resources of both parties. The energy that this union generates is the product of Scorpio, it is generative power, as shown by the fusion of atoms and their nuclear energy or sex as a vehicle for procreation.
Sexual energy as an energy exchange symbolizes for Scorpio a means to achieve liberation from the limits of individuality, a means to achieve ecstasy in which the individual becomes something more than himself, and that is why sex is so important in this instance.
The fusion of the poles, which implies destruction, is part of the culminating moment of equilibrium, in which they must feed on each other to comply with the law of energy transfer.
Life and death, pleasure and pain, conscious and unconscious, spring from the same source at the same time and disappear into each other to be reborn.
Destruction is inherent in the life process. There is a moment of materialization and there is a moment of destruction of matter. For there to be more life, Taurus, there has to be more death, more Scorpio.
In Scorpio, every way of feeding off of another is experienced, of taking and delivering the energy that circulates between them: here it is no longer about delicate encounters, here "sharing", Libra, becomes "sharing itself" .
We feed off of each other, in different aspects and planes of life. We give our flesh, our cells, our emotions, desires, work, ideas, creativity and spirit, every day in the fabric of our bonds as biological, desiring and energetic beings. So life goes on, in all its dimensions. Scorpio says: we all do this, whether we realize or not. We can prepare ourselves to do it with full consciousness and learn from it until we master the currents of life or continue blindly, letting ourselves be carried away by forces that we do not want to accept, explore or understand.
Libra looks at, contemplates and enjoys the movement of opposites. Sagittarius becomes the flow of life that is experienced integratedly. Scorpio is the transitional space which is necessary to be fully involved, to feel all the contradictions and antagonisms in oneself, for the synthesis to be real.
The most important thing to observe in Scorpio is that, in the zodiacal logic, to achieve the sensation of the flow of life, Sagittarius, it is necessary to go through the tearing pain that Scorpio implies.
Symbol: In Scorpio the symbol ends with a point, the arrow that is a symbol of exit. As well as feeling, Scorpio acts. This point shows Scorpio as the most turbulent of waters.
That point symbolizes the scorpion's sting, which is lethal, and it is also the outline of the sign that is coming, Sagittarius: resurrection, life after death.

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