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The image that perhaps best synthesizes the multiple meanings of Sagittarius is the image of a river that runs towards the sea. With abundance of water, the sea fertilizes the land it crosses and boats sail across the sea to take men from the interior to the open. Just as … (read more)

The image that perhaps best synthesizes the multiple meanings of Sagittarius is the image of a river that runs towards the sea. With abundance of water, the sea fertilizes the land it crosses and boats sail across the sea to take men from the interior to the open. Just as Scorpio symbolizes stagnant water, Sagittarius is abundant water where animals and men can quench their thirst and refresh themselves safely. The swamp, Scorpio, carries within itself the mystery of the coexistence of life and death. The river, Sagittarius, on the other hand, is so vast and abundant that it cleans itself.
At this moment in the zodiacal sequence, the knot that could not be solved in the previous signs has suddenly been untied and Sagittarius then emerges as a release of retained energy, which shoots uncontrollably and expands, overcoming the dualities and antagonisms of the previous sign.
Sagittarius expresses Virgo's own concept of order, but now displayed on multiple levels in a vertical sense, in what we could define as a passage from plane to volume. This unfolding adds new dimensions to the order and articulates their relationships, integrating them at increasing levels of amplitude and complexity, as expressed in the archetypal image of the horse, rider, and arrow, representing a single reality articulated on different planes.
The clearest images of this multidimensional order can be found by observing living systems, such as the human body. Each cell joins other cells forming a tissue. A network of tissues constitutes an organ and each of these is assembled with others in what we call the digestive, respiratory, reproductive systems, etc. Ultimately, the set of these systems will be the "system of systems": the body as a totality that, in turn, refers to the environment that includes it, and so on.
It is the moment of resurrection after death in Scorpio, it is fire, a new manifestation. After having integrated an ‘other’: Libra, and having survived the night, Scorpio, the light arises. It is a rebirth with our eyes set on heaven, high up, the highest and that is why it is full of abundance, optimism, trust, generosity, joy and vitality, natural consequences of the connection with the higher.
Sagittarius is the moment of the conscious man of the Universe.
Its symbol, a centaur with a bow and arrow pointing upwards, implies duality, half animal and half man. Instinctive and consciousness appear together for the first time.
The thighs symbolize the instinctive animal part that is guided by the male body of the centaur, they symbolize the strength of the horse, pure virile power, which leads man to new horizons, far away and shooting his arrows towards the sky; which symbolizes the mind, the higher dominating the lower.
The arrow indicates the impulse that is not blindy shot but with a specific direction and precision, the centaur guides his arrow towards a goal: which are ideals. It elevates the animal to the divine, it comes from Scorpio and thus it is necessary to look upwards and seek the light.
The theme of moral law arises in this sign, Sagittarius feels an urgency for salvation of the primary impulses, it is a moral imperative, God has an important place in this sign, it is the sign of religion, the transcendent, the confidence and the meaning of life.
Sagittarius directs and organizes the waste of energy, coming after Scorpio, it is the arrow that gives direction to what is released in Scorpio, seeking to reach expansion with its movement. The fiery mind directs the desire and then the force and power of thoughts appear, the phrase "faith moves mountains" belongs here, and that is why it is so expansive, because it "believes". They are poles of optimism as they are aware of a higher world that they protect. Their thoughts are filled with the energy of Scorpio, it is a powerful thought, and it is totally directed by fire, it is not dispersed, it is synthesized and focused on abundance, and thus accesses a very important vital source. Sagittarius goes far with its mind, but will never be enslaved by the source of desire that it brings from Scorpio, it uses and directs it. He sees everything from an organizational perspective, he is the one who systematizes, finds new meanings, new dimensions of thought, clears up the dark spots, goes through all the veils.
The river is powerful, mighty, full of energy but, at the same time, it is completely receptive and has no direction of its own.
The river goes on; as it flows it leads.
It follows the force provided by the slope in its path and responds to it with power.
It accompanies the undulations of the terrain, discovers, moment by moment, the channel and the movement that leads to its destination.
It follows the path laid out by the resistance of the rock or the docility of the sand.
The rocky bed concentrates its energy, gives it momentum and power, allowing it to sweep all obstacles away.
The clay bed brings peace, stopping the energy and almost threatening to turn it from mud to a swamp.
The river is a force that responds to another force, it is active and receptive at the same time. It leans on the ground on which it runs, it is receptive; but at the same time supports and guides the ships that sail on its waters; active in relation to them. There are many rivers that, by different paths, lead to the sea.
Sagittarius, like the river on its way to the sea, trusts.

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