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Capricorn is located at the top of the Zodiac, if we look for an image that correctly represents the symbol, one can say that it is the mountain that rises majestic, lonely and timeless.
It was there, as a motionless witness, long before the appearance of human beings and will remain … (read more)

Capricorn is located at the top of the Zodiac, if we look for an image that correctly represents the symbol, one can say that it is the mountain that rises majestic, lonely and timeless.
It was there, as a motionless witness, long before the appearance of human beings and will remain in the same place when we have disappeared, solidly supporting itself and, it seems, simultaneously holding Heaven above itself.
The impulse to reach its peak, to reach the limit beyond which it cannot be followed, is almost irresistible for the human being and because of this being able to climb a mountain and get to the top is a synonym of achievement and completion.
The synthesis achieved in Sagittarius expresses its essence in the next phase of the Zodiac.
Between Sagittarius and Capricorn there is a giant leap, this change in level is usually represented, in the plane of images, as the passage from the plain to the mountain.
Moving away from the plain and ascending the mountain implies, on one hand, effort and contraction; abandoning the fluid world of potentialities to focus exclusively on fulfillment.
The archetype of Capricorn tells us that the Universe has invariable constants, the Universe is made of constants, the speed of light is constant, something that cannot vary is Capricorn. Capricorn cannot vary as this means the structure cannot be sustained, hence the laws of physics are Capricorn, the laws of life are Capricorn.
Capricorn is the "world of law", the world of which outlines what is essential and what can never be broken. The only thing we can do is understand the law and act accordingly.
In principle, it is not about human law, because it can eventually be modified, but rather about the "law of nature." The world of Capricorn is the world of what exists. Capricorn is the concrete reality and the most practical and empirical of the signs, this sign is the most aware of reality.
A characteristic of this energy is to refer to the essence of reality; that is, stripping everything that is anomalic so that only what sustains, what essentially is, remains.
At this moment, the whole journey from Aries must take form and bear concrete fruit, it is a moment of fulfillment because it is an Earth sign. In Capricorn we find the burden of the previous path carried out with great effort and the enjoyment and joy of concretion with the awareness of having built something by placing one stone on another, step by step, in time, without haste but with clear direction, without stopping before obstacles and assuming responsibility, which is a word that is very attractive to Capricorn.
It is the sign of the achievement of goals, work and efficiency, tenacity, resistance, inflexibility, excellence, patience and foresight to achieve a project.
It aims to reach its goal without measuring effort, its goal becomes paramount and the rest is unimportant, it must act with perfection and seriousness, which brings great demand. That is why Capricorn does not make any kind of concessions and has a high degree of concentration, he is interested in the best performance given its time and effort, that is, obtaining the best results with few resources, exploiting its available potential to the maximum. It is the most productive sign. It is about excluding what is unnecessary, it is about concentrating energy.
Capricorn only makes commitments that allows it to achieve what it seeks, and represses any feeling or state of mind that deviates from its goal. Self-discipline and self-control are its main tools.
Capricorn likes to achieve everything by its own means, its achievements are what regulate its self-esteem, and this makes it ambitious, it wants to reach the top and like a goat Capricorn is capable of climbing to the highest points and inhabiting the most arid of places, and due to that; Capricorn plans and establishes goals.
It is based on experience gained from the past and from time, from there, well planted in the ground, it plans and takes all the time necessary so that at the end of the road the result is a solid construction.
Capricorn maintains and that is its way of granting security, with Capricorn there is a guarantee, it is security that can be received by having made a certain journey.
It comes from Sagittarius and the diversity of cultures and forms of thought from that sign must end, Capricorn establishes a rigid model and imposes it with authority, that is why it is the sign related to the Father, he is the one who knows what must be done and what must not be done, not from a moral perspective but from the standpoint of what is most effective and what is necessary for the best performance, the limit that it is sustained.
That parent or whoever exercises such authority is alone. Loneliness is the product of the great responsibility involved in carrying out the social group, be it the family or the community, that weight is on his back, the whole group depends on him. And he manages to carry them forward through his profession or social functions, so the issue of work and personal contribution to the community is a main theme in this sign.
They are the bones in the body because the skeleton is what sustains us, it allows us to stand upright, the bones provide structure, they must be solid in order to perform their function.
The maximum that man can give is reached in Capricorn, with Capricorn we reach the maximum of perfection, on the material level symbolized by the earth.
Just as Cancer is the gateway to incarnation on earth, Capricorn is the gateway to spiritual life, that is why this sign also rules the initiates; those who here on earth have been reborn to the spiritual world.
Symbol: Represented by a goat with a saurian tail. That "saurian tail" symbolizes what comes from the depths, from the abysses of evolution and what in the "goat" reaches the mountain. Life that goes from the most primal, formless and archaic, and what reaches where no one reaches: the man himself embedded in life, man as a goat.
What has risen from the deepest has reached the highest. All evolution, all life is there. It is no longer something individual, but all evolution, all life.

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