The masks of my life

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Please download the 'Artivive' app for iOS or Android and place it on the image to see the magic happen! It even works when you print the work and hang it on your wall.

#artchallenge555 Week 3 #makersplaceco
It is an image of me at age 17 when I went to study … (read more)

Please download the 'Artivive' app for iOS or Android and place it on the image to see the magic happen! It even works when you print the work and hang it on your wall.

#artchallenge555 Week 3 #makersplaceco
It is an image of me at age 17 when I went to study law. This week's inspirational phrase: True-to-Size Disguise took me to that time of my life.
He entered the world of adults, to build a future, with deep ideas of freedom, justice and living in Democracy when he only knew her in the books. It was a place where feeling different joined me with others. Very politicized youth that we hoped to build a better country, back in 1974. But that democracy was short-lived and in 76 we returned to a de facto government and returned to the masks of fear, repression, authoritarianism, of not thinking different from not saying and obeying.
I always suffered from being different because my thinking, questioning, creative nature was my essence and it always cost me to belong or fit. They ended up saying you're crazy and masks or costumes never reached to hide who I am.
Over the years "being who I am" was more important than "looking" and all those accumulated masks, which formed a great puzzle, became my identity (in all those different lives) where I build my "own" reality every day.
At 62, I no longer reconcile, I only ask that you respect me and accept me who wants it.
The door of my home, of my spirit and of my home is always open so that you can walk away because feeling PEACE has the deep connotation of a constructive loneliness and leads me to a state of happiness and gratitude.

Es una imagen mía a los 17 años cuando entré a estudiar abogacía. La frase inspiradora de esta semana: True-to-Size Disguise me llevó a esa época de mi vida.
Ingresaba al mundo de los adultos, a construir un futuro, con ideas profundas de libertad, de justicia y de vivir en Democracia cuando sólo la conocía en los libros. Era un lugar en donde sentirse distinto me aunaba con otros. Jóvenes muy politizados que esperábamos construir un país mejor, allá por el año 1974. Pero esa democracia duró poco y en el año 76 volvimos a un gobierno de facto y volvimos a las máscaras del miedo, de la represión, del autoritarismo, de no pensar distinto, de no decir y de obedecer.
Yo siempre padecí ser distinta porque mi naturaleza pensante, cuestionadora, creativa fue mi esencia y siempre me costó pertenecer o encajar. Terminaban diciendo vos sos loca y las máscaras o disfraces nunca alcanzaron para ocultar quien soy.
Con los años "ser quien soy" fue más importante que "parecer" y todas esas máscaras acumuladas, que formaron un gran rompecabezas, pasaron a conformar mi identidad (en todas esas vidas distintas) donde construyo cada día mi "propia" realidad.
A mis 62 años ya no concilio, solo pido que me respeten y me acepten el que así lo quiera.
La puerta de mi hogar, de mi espíritu y de mi hogar está siempre abierta para que puedan alejarse porque sentir PAZ tiene la connotación profunda de una soledad constructiva y me conduce a un estado de felicidad y gratitud.

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Michal Ozmina

Thank you so much!

Brice Duncan

That is pretty cool in the app!

Norma Xelda Jara

I love that application


This turned out quite amazing as an augmented reality work. It's like being able to playback the history and emotionally visualize the experiences you describe in the background story. Very touching!

Norma Xelda Jara

Many thanks to you also that you showed me the application. It's magic!


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