Shitty ideas

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Everyone has those. But lately, I feel like all of my ideas are like that. So I did a little bit of digging ... no gold's there. Maybe it's just the weather.

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Love it! Thank you for your exceptional commentary piece.

Greg Fiut

Thank you!


The incredible thing about a talented artist is that he surprises and you always manage to do it with me. I agree with the climate change, we are several living (or suffering?) this new wave. I'll see what I can think (lol) My admiration and affection of always.

Greg Fiut

Thank you Norma 🖤 ... I'll try to keep surprising you.

Indrani Mitra

Haha! Sorry.. maybe I should not be laughing !! But I found this hilarious.. happens all the time.. and the problem is I atleast realize it after I follow it..

Greg Fiut

Please never apologizes for laughing ... it can spread and that is magic in its purest form. And doing magic is more important than thinking that some individuals might find it rude.


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