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A view from an otherworldly location looking onto vibrant, otherworldly science fantasy scenery.
Intricate digital textures, patterns and shapes can be seen close up.
Mixture of a digital collage, photo manipulation, vectoring.
Real astro photography from the hubble telescope.

Additional Details:
  • 3508 x 4961 px, JPEG (8.7 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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I like the image. You've done well with the reflections across the ocean. I do not see night scenes like this so often, probably because it's quite difficult to capture detail, but here, you've succeeded.

I like the dominating planet, the light cast on the water and the framing as a view from a balcony, very creative.

There's a story here waiting to pop out. In my mind, you've depicted an off-world vacation destination in an exclusive resort. Maybe a visit here is for a happy couple just celebrating their marriage. Billed as a natural wonder of the universe, the blood planet draws in vacationers from all sectors of this quadrant to observe this nightly event.


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