Giorgos Ch. Tsolis is an artist from Greece, born in the Ionian island of Lefkada. Since he remembers himself, he always like drawing, and from an early age he participates in various painting contests. After high school he entered the College of Graphic Design & Fine Arts. He graduated with Master on Graphic Design and Illustration, Certificate of Art History and Associate degree in Typography.

Giorgos has more than 18 years of experience on graphic design, illustration and concept art. He currently works as freelance illustrator and concept artist participating in various projects, creating visual images of ideas for use in areas such as animations, book illustrations, gaming, advertising, prints, and many others.

Giorgos worked for several years as graphic designer in the commercial industry creating layouts, logotypes and infographics. Mainly he works as illustrator and concept designer for various companies worldwide, individually and as part of a team. He collaborates with many different creative departments for videogames and film companies. He provides a variety of design solutions in concept art & design, such as characters and costume design, digital paintings, comic book covers, architectural and vehicle design, environment designs, matte paintings and keyframes for films.

His passion is the good art, performing new design ideas, lifetime learning and studying new programs to incorporate to his digital art.