Conveyor Vortex (2/7)

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#2 ‘Conveyor Vortex’
This is #2 of a series of 7 artworks called:
‘7 Abstract Contemplation's on the concept of Floating in 80 x 64 pixel’

Title: Conveyor Vortex (2/7)
File type: GIF
Image size: 640 x 512 pixel
Frames: 16 Frames
Year of creation: 2019

Additional Details:
  • 512 x 640 px, GIF (167.1 KB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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MJ Moonbow

Cool :) I can almost hear the 8bit Atari sound in the background

Joe Chiappetta

It is amazing what you can do with pixels in motion! I can almost hear the belt machinery rolling along.

Gert-Jan Akerboom

Hi Joe, thank you for the nice comment. please send me your email so i can give you an edition of this piece : )

Joe Chiappetta

Wow thanks so much. I will be honored to have another piece of yours in my rare digital art collection!

Mighty Moose

I really like these. This one is pretty fantastic especially.


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