AbunDance of Autonomy

A piece about time and transmutation. The two demon wolves in a yin and Yang style of balance coexhisting in a soothing camomile tea of expectance and acknowledgement. Neither is going anywhere as they exist within us. Sit down and know them for they have always been there beneath the surface. The two camomile flowers represent the clock face, playing on the illusion of linear time when in fact everything has always existed. Its the first piece that I allowed myself total freedom to execute as it came. Its transmuted pain after seeing personal behaviours that no longer served. Usually my drawings are light and barely committed lines like they're afraid to define theirselves. This is outlined and living in full colour with intent and meaning. Its from an observational view point where we see the hand holding the cup signify the self being present. It encourages the observer to be in the seat of overseeing a situation to look into their own cup from a 3rd non dualistic perspective, beyond duality and the desire for anything. To see with a lack of judgement, total lack of want or need that could lead to an abundance of autonomy.
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