Gala Mirissa


Spanish artist Gala Mirissa is a quintessential digital polyglot whose work spans mediums and software but whose subject matter often focuses on the balance of feminine strength and fragility.

Working across still and animation, digital and physical, Gala continues to expand her practice into newer mediums like projection mapping. Most recently, she has contributed original artwork to actor Jennifer Esposito’s web3 film project, Fresh Kills. Gala was a finalist in the VISUAL ARTIST AWARDS MIAMI 2018 for Best Technical Innovation. Learn More



Pygmalion was a king and sculptor so dedicated to his art that he never made time for love. In his studio, he sculpted from white ivory a woman of unimaginable and incomparable beauty. By moonlight, Pygmalion visited his work, in love with this sculpture he called Galatea.

On Aphrodite’s festival day, Pygmalion asked the goddess to breathe life into his work, though he may not have believed it could be done.

To soothe his lonely soul, he returned to his studio and kissed his Galatea. As he did, he felt the warm lips of a woman. Galatea sprung to life, infatuated with her gentle, attentive creator. Pygmalion married Galatea, who became the mother of his children and queen of Cyprus. They reigned in gratitude to Aphrodite.

Auction Winner Bonuses

Winners of the auction will each receive a unique 1/1 collector bonus. The winning bidder of The Awakening of Galatea will receive Cold Galatea and the winner of Galatea in Love will receive Human Galatea. Cold Galatea & Human Galatea will be delivered to the winning bidder within 24 hours of the auction ending.


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