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Forlenza’s work is part of The Museum of Crypto Art (M○C△) permanent Genesis Collection. The M○C△ Genesis Collection is a time capsule for the Metaverse and its travelers. The artworks which comprise the Genesis Collection represent the earliest etchings on the blockchain, and will come to be regarded as the digital cave paintings of our transhumanist narrative.

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Open Limited Editions

Undead wandering in the shadows of the past. Endlessly searching for lost love. Outliving the end of forever in a place somewhere between the light and the darkness.

Mystery Box and Collector Reward

The "Tales of Undead Love" drop will be a 48-hour Mystery Box mint. When a collector buys a $100 Mystery Box, they have an equal chance to get any one of five open edition artworks.

The randomly chosen artwork will be shown at the time of mint. If you’d like to get the complete set, you can buy as many Mystery Boxes as you like. The collector who buys the most Mystery Boxes will receive the single-edition piece "STONED UNDEAD."

If two or more collectors are tied with an equal amount of purchased editions, one collector will be selected randomly to receive the "STONED UNDEAD" single edition.


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