The regularity of my creative perception of Cubist (avant-garde) orphic direction. I operate with forms that are not rotating but rather tied and concentrated in space. Expression is revealed in the breath of this space and in the uniqueness of the colors' rhythm.
The presence of a composite solution and the subsequent intuitiveness of it’s perception can be regarded as the desire to escape from civic, rough, concrete landscapes, neon lights that pushes us to observe something different but natural for understanding and interpretation. My artworks is the meditation, it's relaxation. I get an appropriate feedback depending on was I able to pass my mood to the viewer or not.
In this digital age of urban society geometry and abstraction is a natural consequence of reproduction, due to the artist who partially highlights the reality of surrounding, who adds it’s own colors, reasoning and feelings.
All my artworks are created from real photos, one or several can be used. I never use other people's photos. In the process of creating a new composition I completely destroy the original photo while using Glitch and Pixel effects. Since the objects of the shoot are ad signs, abandoned construction sites, some building details or city nature you can tell that this is the Urban culture.
This is my authorial digital collage. I almost never use the original photo details, only the color sometimes remains the original. As for me it is postmodernism, my digital expression, feelings, the symbiosis of collage, my inner experiences, the vision of clear and severe lines with the purity of new synthetic colors.
After all it is our observed life.