Forbidden Fruit

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Suggestive Digital Collage.

Additional Details:
  • 3240 x 3240 px, PNG (9.1 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Wow and I mean Wow!
I just popped over to see your work, and I appreciate you following me, there are a few here I fell for! (including the hiker, I hope to make an offer for the hiker, as it’s closer to what I could afford now) but this piece didn’t only speak to me it screamed!

It is an amazing Juxtaposition, the contrast, textures, water drops, and of course that eye!!
I would not want to make a low offer, sometimes if I know an artist I will make a small offer as a show of appreciation.
I would be very interested in trying to add it to my small collection, I wanted to let you know how much I love it! and I will try to track you down on twitter or something too. (If I track you down maybe you could give me a hint at a price that you could let it go for.)
Keep creating more amazing art!
Peace 😎

Eliya Stein

Thank you for that feedback, I'm truly humbled! I'm brand new to offering my creative work in a digital format like this, which is quite ironic considering that I've been a crypto enthusiast for so many years. I've only recently started to realize what it means for my art, and art in general. As a newcomer to this community and environment I'm happy to consider modest offers that you feel comfortable making for these initial pieces, and if not, they will be here on ice until someone else comes along and decides to bid. Thanks again for taking the time to leave this comment, it's certainly quite motivating, and I look forward to posting more of my creations here on MakersPlace.


Oh thanks, I will submit an offer shortly, that’s so great that you are getting into the art nft space. Honestly I have been doing photography almost my whole life, and some other art mediums too.
I always felt doing art professionally or having my art in a gallery especially selling any of my art was out of my reach the block chain totally gave me back my dream of becoming an artist!
I think we are still in “early days.”
I’m looking foreword to more of your art and excited to see how we all grow and adapt to the new possibilities before us now!


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