I have been doing photography since I was 9 years old, both my parents were into photography and my grandpa as well.
I have also worked in the film industry, and have a degree in landscape architecture.
I found crypto and then NFT’s and they absolutely blew my mind.
Over the last year I have been experimenting with my photography, and some other mediums, to make digital art, to mint and put on the blockchain.
I am extremely glad to be a part of this amazing community, revolutionizing art, and making my artistic dreams come true.
A large part of the motivation for me to start making digital art came from the amazing community over on Cent.io, and I couldn’t have a complete description without a shout out to @ConnieDigital, @NeelYadav, and @Matthew for the constant inspiration and support. (There are many more but the list would get too long!)
I hope you enjoy my creations.
Peace 😎👍