Illustrator / Motion Designer / 3D Artist

Hello, my name is Atilla Erkmen. I am a motion designer, illustrator, director, and the founder of the Martian Video Agency. It is an Istanbul-based video production and animation studio. And finally, I am an NFT artist.

I studied fine arts and visual communication design and also I have a Master’s degree in Film and TV. I am in the video and commercial business in Istanbul for about 12 years. Professionally, I run my own creative agency and am also an animation and live-action video director and illustrator. Being the boss of your own business and working at all creative stages at the same time requires serious discipline. On the one hand, it is very tiring, but on the other hand, it is very enjoyable.
All this time, I also made my personal artworks like independent short animation movies, digital drawings, and illustrations.
I am very interested in NFT artworks these days. I aim to promote my art to the community from all around the world. And I enjoy collecting artworks from respected artists around the world. In 2014, I start to tell stories with eyeball drawings. I used them in my videos, some personal digital artworks, and acrylic painting on canvas as well.