the illiterate man of the 21th century will be the one who cannot communicate with pictures
- Peter Nagy, Bauhaus 1919

born 1964, digital art and animation since 1986
After over 30 years of digital art & content production, I still love what I do.

visual art since 1986.
art performances, installations & exhibitions:
1987 post atomare Simulation , Graz Austria
1987 Ars Electronica entry "blue rooms" Amiga1000 dpaint I
1988 Videoinstallation Kasematten, Graz
1988/89/90 1st Visualist painting live on two Amiga2000 computer Club Mavo Vienna, Austria
1990 live digital painting Vernissage at Kulturhaus Linz/Austria 1990. pictures were painted infront of audience.
1992 Expo Sevilla, first multi lingual multi screen media installation for the for Austrian Industries.
1994 -1997 X-trax, monthly visuals tape release, limited edition for discos/clubs/events in Austria . 36x60minutes
1995 XXX Gasometer 9h visual art live mix
1999 XXX Gazometer dualhead fullnight visual pingpong mix with Fritz Fitzke
2003 dvd release "Optical Matrix" collection of audio visual art ,
2004 Optical Matrix full night show format I, II and III St. Petersburg, Russia,
2004 Artcore 05, open source, Gallery Artcore Paris participant and
2004 Boom Festival main stage visual installation made of 330 white umbrellas + DVD production
2006 Boom Festival "Banana art project" and DVD Boom 06 "We are one"
2009 Pooool artist of the month: Exhibition & release Banana TV art DVD Museumsquartier Vienna
2010-2017 diverse visual performances around the world mostly for music festivals.
other achievements:
1992-2005 CD and founder of Fast forward group digital media gmbh: digital media production, product design, stage design, and development of „mediaskin“ technique in cooperation with architects. References: BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Steyr, Suchard, CocaCola, Bank Austria, CAiB, Girocredit, Uniqua, Telekom Austria, Mobilkom Austria, Jet2web, Palmers, and many more.
musiclips: Falco, Unique II, Tosca, Dino Psaras, Etnica, SBK/Tarsis, Element, Psoi, Ololiqui, Skazi, Infected Mushroom, Electric Universe, Space Tribe, GMS, Deedrah, Koxbox, U-recken and others

main stage full night visual art live mix:
Vision Quest Tokyo, Universo Paralello Brasil, XXXperience Brasil, Boom Festival, Paradise Festival, Freedom Festival, Ozora Festival, Rhythms of peace, Soulclipse and many more

"The Psynema" audiovisual DVJ sets together with Dj Buzz-T (Sebastian Rost) , performed in 80 countries between 2002 and 2012
press feedback:
"most versatile Visualist" ( vienna,2007) „godfather of vj-ing“ (arteTV,france 2002).

after recovering from serious health issues, I live a more quiet life surrounded by forest and have now time to focus on NFT and crypto art, restore and compile my "best of" visual art history and also create new art with the latest tools.

expect a diverse mix of rare historic visual animation loops and new art involving the latest technologies, including VR3D and AI assisted techniques and in addition collaborative art projects.