Graduated in Fine Art and with a postgraduate degree in 3D Digital Animation in Canada in 2002, EDMX uses his knowledge of the geek world to create murals that bring
immersive experiences to viewers.
EDMX learned to see beauty in the midst of the chaos of the big city and using spray
painting, stencil, and augmented reality he creates artistic interventions around the
city providing another way of seeing reality.
The only South American artist to be featured on the book Street Art in times of Corona 2020 by Graffittobooks.
He won the first prize of Global Art Awards 2018 Dubai category Mixed Media, Spotlight Artist at Arte Laguna 20/21, Finalist Global Art Awards 2020 Shanghai category Mixed Media, 3rd place on the American Art Awards 2018 category Pop Art and Innovative, 2nd and 3rd place at the American Art Awards 2017, category Pop Art and Acrylic Human Figure, 3rd place (Innovative and Pop Art) e 5th place (Expressionism-Human Figure) at American Art Awards 2018. He also was invited to paint at one of the most important Graffiti Festivals in the Netherlands, Step In The Arena 2017 and 2018, MAAAU 2019 - SP (Brasil), Meeting of Styles KOSOVO / MIAMI 2019, Mood Indigo Festival 2019 - Mumbai (INDIA), Território de Arte Urbana TAU 2019 - BH, 3 Mundo Graffiti Prak - SP (Brasil) 2020.

We are all connected by frequency and energy, we create our reality. If our reality is
composed of vibration of thought and material manifestation, are we not all one?