I am a Barcelona-based, 10+ years experienced 3D artist, with a degree in live-action filmmaking, but, overall, I'm a full time digital tinkerer, always exploring new avenues in the digital field.

Over the years, I've acquired extensive experience working on countless commercials, music videos and feature films. As you can see in my portfolio, I worked on "Death, Love & Robots" for Netflix, on Amazon's "The boys", and another yet-to-be announced Netflix TV show. In the advertising field, I've worked on commercials for Footlocker, BBC, Chanel, Shisheido, Macallan, Dunkin Donuts, Ford, Seat, among many other. I also was a finalist at SxSW (South by Southwest) Festival in 2018, where I competed with the opening titles for a TV show.

I enjoy the challenge of commercial work, but, inevitably, I escape to my artistic world as much as I can, where I like to torture digital, soft, ragdollish characters to convey deep messages. Quite often, there's more to this than meets the eye.