I am a Barcelona-based, 10+ years experienced 3D artist, with a degree in live-action filmmaking, but, overall, I'm a full time digital tinkerer, always exploring new avenues in the digital field.

Over the years, I've acquired extensive experience working on countless commercials, music videos and feature films. I worked on "Death, Love & Robots" for Netflix, on Amazon's "The boys", and another yet-to-be announced Netflix TV show. In the advertising field, I've worked on commercials for Footlocker, Nike, Adidas, BBC, Chanel, Shisheido, Macallan, Dunkin Donuts and Ford, among many other. I also was a finalist at SxSW (South by Southwest) Festival in 2018, in the "Opening Titles" category.

I enjoy the challenge of commercial work, but, inevitably, I escape to my artistic world as much as I can, where I like to manipulate digital, soft, ragdollish characters to convey deep messages. Quite often, there's more to this than meets the eye.