Primal Cypher is a conceptual digital artist, amongst many other things (designer, oil painter, NFT writer and consultant). He’s well-known for his bold artwork which usually often contain strong social commentaries, as well themes relating to psychology, philosophy and spirituality. Primal Cypher’s artwork has a strong affinity for blockchain, particularly Ethereum, Anonymous, The Occupy and Cypherpunk movement, which is often reflected in his work. His overall goal is to encourage enlightenment and contemplation through subverting the dominant paradigm and challenging dominant thought through his artwork.

Mark McKenna is a globally acclaimed American comic artist who has been creating comic art for over three decades. McKenna is a 2012 Inkwell Hall of Fame resident who has been credited on over 1000 comic book related titles. Having worked extensively for both Marvel and DC comics, McKenna’s artwork can be found within the pages of some of the worlds most influential comic books, such as X-Men, Spider Man, Batman, The Justice League, Dead Pool and Star Wars. You can also find his work in Legendary Pictures’ Pacific Rim movie prequel and Dark Horse Comic’s Star Wars-The Old Republic: The Lost Suns. His artwork from an online web comic, Star Wars: Blood of the Empire, was transformed into an 84 page paperback and served as inspiration for The Old Republic video game. Learn More



Foreign worlds and the unknown expressed through creative work have always moved man. Virtual worlds have become part of the human imagination. Time has moved on. Technology has evolved. Literature and the realm of movies have again and again produced works that have dealt with the topic of "virtual worlds'' and it seems as if these visions are becoming more and more a reality. We have seen an increase in digitization and the new possibilities it provides, especially through the blockchain. Some are critical of this development - some are longing for these new worlds in an extraordinarily successful design and realistic way.

This series "VR RE4LITY BUNGEE JUMP", jointly conceived and realized by PR1MAL CYPHER and MARK MCKENNA, is a small tribute to the developments of recent years with a special focus on all those projects in the crypto realm. A critical view expressed about virtual creation, the fascination that the development of new worlds brings with it and the immersion in something new and unknown.

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