DizArt is 18 years old in digital art, located in Ukraine. 10 years ago started working with motion design and videomapping, before working with graphic design and outdoor advertising. Also for 12 years DizArt have been vjing and support concerts in Ukraine and Europe. Portfolio consists of more than a hundred events. We connect painting, sculpture, 3d animation, virtual reality with projection video mapping technology. Our main aim to give people a good mood and aesthetic pleasure.
Participated in different exhibitions and festivals:
* 2008:  EDM Festival (Ukraine, Zaporozhye) 

* 2009:  Kazantip Festival (Ukraine, Crimea), 

* 2010:  Kazantip Festival (Ukraine, Crimea), 
Pirate Station (Ukraine, Kiev); 

* 2011:  BigIdea – SvitloFest (Ukraine, Kiev); 
Baron Munchauzen 3D Show; Ukrainian Talants (TV Show) Dance (TV Show)
Global Gethering (Ukraine, Kiev) 

* 2012:  Circle of Light (Russia, Moscow); Global Gethering (Ukraine, Kiev); Tiesto Club Life (Ukraine, Kiev); 

* 2013:  Cool Dance (Azerbaiоan, Baku),
Godsketchen UrbanWave Festival (Ukraine, Kiev); Circle of Light Festival (Russia, Moscow); Eurovision (Ukraine, Kiev); 

* 2014:  Mercedes Benz – Car Video Mapping (Ukraine, Odessa); 

* 2015:  Art Vision Contest (Russia, Moscow), 

* 2016:  SeaFest 2017 (Ukraine, Odessa), 
Halo Halloween – (Hong Kong), 

* 2017:  Kiyv Light Festival - Mapping Contest (Ukraine, Kiev), 
Atlas Weekend – Toyota Stage Video Mapping, 
Festivale of Light ‘Porte de Paris’ 2017 – (Lille, France); 

* 2018:  Festival of Light 1-Minute Projection Mapping (Japan, Nagasaki), 
Kiyv Light Festival - Mapping Contest (Ukraine, Kiev), Rhythm Buro Festival - (Ukraine, Kiev),
Kaleidoscope Festival - (Ukraine),
Arma 17– Techno Festival - (Ukraine, Kiev), 
Mayak Festival – River Port - (Kiev, Ukraine) – laser mapping 

* 2019:  Salamanca Light Festival (Madrid, Spain), Festival of Light 1-Minute Mapping (Japan) 

* 2020:  Datong Lightfest (China),Cosmolight (Greece), ILLUARTFESTIVAL (Zurich)

* 2021:  Skopje Light Festival, LightMoveFest (Poland), Festival of Light 1-Minute Mapping (Japan)