Art comes from within.

Born on August 23, 1989, in Rio de Janeiro, artist and digitalist Diego Moura is self-taught. At the age of 8, he was already searching the colorful universe of cartoons, especially in the Orient, for inspiration for his first traces.

At that time, he did not imagine it, but his relationship with the digital world began there. With an old VHS tape, he recorded the drawings that were shown on TV and then paused the images and copied them to his school notebooks.

The impulsiveness of adolescence and the arrival of the first computer at his home, back in the 2000s, coincided with the flood of foreign pop content that started to guide the lives of young people.

Diego, of course, drank it. And your valve to dump that influence, again, came from the digital. Using a basic drawing program, Paint, he created characters from films, singers and even objects started to be produced by him virtually.

Digital artist uses his cell phone to create his imaginary drawings.

Diego Moura's art focuses on awakening visual and illogical experiences, out of tune the understanding that will be felt through its unique features with a marked extravagance.

One of the artist's marks, which helps to create the identity of his work, is the way his eyes and mouths are highlighted in his art.