"America has Lichtenstein, we have Azzopardi!"

Estelle Lovatt FRSA the art critic, historian and journalist frequently seen and heard on BBC Radio & TV and Sky News makes an exciting comparison.
Considering the familiar bold lines and vivid colours found in this much-loved and revered art style and movement, comparisons will always be made, however the Pop Art line Azzopardi sketches is very different to Lichtenstein's.

Azzopardi explains: "I've always loved Pop Art. I've also loved the work of Toulouse-Lautrec and the great masters. But there's a certain line that I like because one simple line can say many things in the way that it moves."

Angus Granlund, Director at Christie's refers to "her colours" as the "initial bait to gain the viewer's attention", but insists it is "her subject matter that hooks you and keeps you captivated".

It is these sentiments that drive Azzopardi to reimagine her flirty and fun creations over the last 36 years, and explore the opportunities and freedom the NFT movement represents; to her, and to her collectors around the world.

Whether posters bought in huge household-name Scandinavian stores, or original hand painted masterpieces bought at Global art fairs, everyone considers an Azzopardi as an investment; for your wallet, your living space, and your happiness.

Now, fully embracing the Metaverse, Azzopardi can engage with collectors in The Deborah Azzopardi Gallery, a VR Gallery in AltSpace (code NOA818) . This exclusive space is the home of NFT-owner shows, events and exhibitions, where fans and collectors can engage with Deborah and her art from the comfort of their own space.

Get AltSpace at https://altvr.com/get-altspacevr/ - register - enter code NOA818.

For more information see www.DeborahAzzopardi.io