David Bianchi is a multi-hyphenate artist, actor, filmmaker, poet. As the creator of the art genre Spinema (spinning cinema through spoken word), he is the first to bring poetic cinema to the blockchain. His vision is to change the world through art utilizing NFTs. Every piece of his art focuses on socially conscious issues and a portion of all proceeds is donated to non-profit organizations that are working to change the issues his art represents. To invest in David’s work is to invest in art as activism. Learn More



"Break The Bars is my third Spinema™ film on the blockchain. It was inspired by my early days in Hollywood. I lived in the Sunset and Gower district, and I would wake up to my own barred windows and fenced community. One day I took notice to some children playing by the dumpster of my complex and it really hurt me. I suddenly began noticing children all over Los Angeles in similar situations and remembered housing projects back in New York and all the places I had been and started writing. Chris Wood and I were collaborative poets and local open mics in the Hollywood area, and I asked him if he’d like to collab and about eight years later we shot the film.

My fingerprints are on every frame of this film as it was also edited by me. The project is so personal that I couldn’t bring it to anyone else to tell the story. I knew what I needed when I was shooting on the day and knew how I would cut the film in my head. Even the score that is masterfully arranged by Paul Cristo was guided by a temporary score I laid down in editorial. Speaking of sound, we capture live sound, nothing is ADR or recorded in post to maintain the filmic quality of it and keep the integrity of the performance intact.

I see these films as moving canvases at 24 frames per second. While many digital crypto artists are focused on one frame. I am focused on 8,000 of them." Each purchase from the drop serves as an entry to receive a never before seen 1/1 artwork from Bianchi

Open Limited Editions

Open editions will be available for 24 hours, from 3:30 PM PST on 9/24 to 3:30 PM PST on 9/25 unless 50 editions are sold, in which case a 15 minute closing countdown will be triggered.


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