I consider myself to be a digital artist as well as professional photographer, I also have a passion for watercolour.
Born and raised in the UK I am lucky enough to be able to travel extensively through my work as a photographer.
I love to experiment with colour and shapes, and I am enjoying making the link with blockchain and art.  
 I  consider the artworld to be in the early stages of applying blockchain and I am interested in where this will lead us in the future.   I see blockchain art as revolutionary in it's impact.
I love  to create digital pieces based on photographs I have taken or been inspired by, for example 'The Farm' and 'Bay on the River'.
I also love to take the symbols of the emerging crypto markets and use them to create new artworks, such as 'Red Heels and Eth' which I believe to be provocative, 'Power of Eth' , which I loved working on  and 'The Ace of Eth' which is one of a set of digital playing cards I created.
I am currently working on various projects, including a crypto inspired tarot deck, which I am finding both interesting and enjoyable.