RAREART Smackman

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Minimalistic approach to one of my favourite themes, the SmackMan. Combined with the font art illustration of what it is all about...

Extremely rare, only one available

Original file is gif at 1536x2048px

Additional Details:
  • 1536 x 2048 px, GIF (11.7 MB)
  • This is a signed and limited edition digital creation.
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Reinhard Schmid

Thank you. As simple as it looks, I fine tuned it quite a bit!

Gala Mirissa

I love the motion!


Dear Sir, I am absolutely enamored with this piece. I have only begun to collect some of the pieces from various artists in here, and I do not intend to ever put any of my collection up for sale. This piece, in particular, describes exactly how I feel, and defines my ideas for my collection, as a whole.
I am learning to use CryptoVoxels, even as I write this note, with plans of creating my very own gallery soon. I would absolutely LOVE to have this piece, as my CENTERPIECE, at the entrance to my gallery.
The absolute LAST thing I would do, is insult any artist, by making an inappropriate offer, for their work. Is there any possibility, that you could give me a ballpark figure as to what you would take for this piece, please? I would like to know, so that I might be able to put the ETH together (hopefully) in order to add this to my collection, and give it the prominence that I believe it so richly deserves? Thank you, in advance, for your consideration,

Reinhard Schmid

Dear WiccadOne, thank you very much for your kind comment and for recognizing the potential of this piece. It is my newest and also one of my own most favourites.

Your thoughtfulness concerning a decent offer is very much appreciated. In fact, I have received offers on other platforms that feel a bit insulting, considering the effort I put into my art.

I submitted this piece for the upcoming Pancakes & Booze event and so I don't think I can sell it until then. It is also a one of a kind and since I like it that much myself, I was hoping I would get at least the 1.5 - 2 eth I was getting for recent works on other platforms. But you can make any offer you find reasonable and then we'll see, how things work out after Pancakes & Booze.

If you want, you can always email me at info@reinhardschmid.de or reach me on discord or telegram.

Kind regards, Reinhard