Daniel Poppers' work has typically been defined by his large-scale sculptural installations. Daniel's desire to experiment with new mediums and materials has brought about a constant evolution of work. In his large scale works Daniel explores the inherint qualities of the material he uses. ranging from Steel, wood, fabrics , concrete , glass fiber resin and bronze.
Trained in traditional art mediums such as painting and life drawing, Daniel now primarily works in 3D programs such as ZBrush and Cinema 4D. It is within these programs where the early stages of 3D sculpting and structural planning of his public sculptures take place . The world of NFTS has inspired Daniel to return to his original 3D designs and to experiment further within the digital mediums.

Daniel encourages viewers to draw their own meanings from his work, however, it is clear from his work that he is inspired by the themes that deal with the spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric worlds that all sentient beings share. Daniel is fascinated by the unseen connection that we all share with each other and the natural world .

Daniel's often collaborates with digital artists and VJs to add different dimensions and textures to his work. Often Incorporating the use 3D mapping . The NFT world has now allowed for further collaboration and an opportunity to visit past romances with previous works and his favorite digital artists and VJ's

One unique element about Daniels NFT's is that they all have a real worth sculpture that they connect to. Some are permanent pieces of public art, others are iconic temporary pieces from past events that only a special few had the opportunity to experience .

For more info on Daniels work visit www.danielpopper.com