Daniella was born in Johannesburg in 1999 and moved with her family to Cape Town when she was two years old. Since a very young age, she has been interested in and has pursued drawing. Daniella illustrated a book of poetry titled “A Few Slivers of Light” by Jess Robus. She has done many commission works for top Collectors in the NFT space. In 2021, Daniella participated in the Future Art Exhibition Drop on Nifty Gateway in which she contributed two animated drawings. This Drop was a precursor to the Future Art Exhibition held in Sydney Australia.

Daniella discovered crypto art in 2018 and became a full-time crypto artist in 2020, selling to big-name collectors like Moderats, Basileus, Gabusch, Nanimalisimo, Mansamusa, ProfessorNfty, Batsoupyum, JavaJam, Kry Bharat, and Odinseye.