Daïm is a Hungarian-Canadian Muslim algorist, apeirographer, and AI artist based in Toronto.

He is a researcher and reifier of timeless mathematical wonders; the author of the Apeirographer's Manifesto; a curator of exotic fractal Biomorphs; the discoverer of an infinitude of pareidolic Anthropobrot figures in the Apeiropolis multiset; and an AI artist with quiet, thought-provoking messages to the world.

Since 2015, he has been featured in a variety of publications and has exhibited online and at traditional venues in Canada and the United Kingdom.

His cryptoart forms part of the Somnium Space-based Museum of Crypto Art's (MoCA) collection, with several works currently appearing in the MoCA-organized solo exhibition entitled "3rd Realm Ménagerie".

His physical works are a part of the National Collection of Hungary and numerous private North American and European collections.