Husband-and-wife visual artists, DABSMYLA, employ a shared design language that dictates subject matter, positioning, color theory and perspective. With this established framework and unspoken set of rules their singular goal is to tell an expansive story that is wholly unique to their own experiences. Micro points-of-view get referenced in larger scopes of vision – creating an interconnectedness amongst paintings both big and small. Much in the same way a person unlocks a greater eye-scope as they lessen the zoom on a camera, one gets the understanding that a solitary subject is in fact but a minuscule element that makes up larger and recurring motifs. Learn More



BEYOND THE STREETS presents DABSMYLA’s genesis NFT collection. DABSMYLA’s bond was formed over their united passion for art and graffiti. From the beginning of painting letters and characters on train lines in Melbourne twenty years ago to moving to Los Angeles and pursuing a studio practice, their work evolves from canvas to large scale outdoor installations. Their signature typography has become a staple within their work just as much as the evolution of many of their iconic characters. The DABSMYLA NFT collection features two of their most memorable characters Cosmic Cat and The Memorable One in addition to a full Alphabet series made up of 26 individual letters.

Animation by Look MIster


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