Cybercult is a mixed-media collaboration between SO LOKI (100c + Jajablinky) , Chrome Destroyer, Steve kim, and Ryan Cologne. Their work centers around ideas of futurism, dystopia, anarchy, and creating art in the digital age.

Cybercult’s work can be broken down into 3 main artistic components:

The 3D environments and characters created by artists Chrome Destroyer and 100c,
The auditory soundscapes which fill those environments by SO LOKI,
And the video and photographic contributions by artists Skimchi and Ryan Cologne.

Origins & Key Concepts:
Cybercult originated as a collaboration between its members contributing to the visual components of the musical group “So Loki”(100c + Jajablinky) . With Chrome Destroyer serving as lead visual designer, Skimchi creating photo and video pieces, and Ryan Cologne acting as additional creative direction and styling.