5-Step Creator Guidelines

Your fans and customers might love your work, but in order to sell your creations you'll need to connect with your customer. To best make use of MakersPlace to sell your unique digital creations, here are 5 steps we ask you to follow.

1. Upload your Best Digital Creations

Put your best foot forward. As you first begin to build your store on MakersPlace you want to make the best first impression with your audience. We recommend uploading only your best and highest quality version of your creations.

As an added bonus, since MakersPlace helps ascribe authenticty and ownership over your digital work, once it's uploaded to the blockchain you're also protecting your best digital works as well.

2. Share the Story Behind each Creation

Stories help build emotional connections. For every creation you upload and sell on MakersPlace, we recommend sharing the background and story behind your work. This is one of the most important factors that a customer considers when making a purchase. Here are some suggestions for your story:

  1. What is your creation about?

  2. What inspired you to create this piece?

  3. How did you create your work? Briefly describe the process.

You don't need to answer all of these questions, but don't leave your story empty.

Finally keep it concise and be yourself. This is your story.

3. Set Reasonable Prices

  1. Price above production costs. Did you know that there are production costs associated with creating a unique digital creation? MakersPlace is currently subsidizing all creation fees, that's why we recommend pricing all of your creations above 0.03 ETH.

  2. Price based on your brand and popularity. If you're just getting started as a creator you'll want to set a lower price until you gain popularity. If you've established a brand then feel free to price accordingly. Here is a helpful chart:

4. Keep your Digital Creations Unique

You're selling unique digital creations. MakersPlace allows you to sell truly unique digital creations, however you may be tempted to upload or sell additional copies of your digital work, please don't. Your customers trust that they're buying a limited edition and unique version of your digital work, you'll break this trust if they find duplicate copies being sold online.

5. Share with your Fans!

Share your amazing work with the world. Your fans love your unique work, so share it with all of your friends and fans across as many social platforms as possible. We recommend sharing your work on the following social platforms:

  1. Instagram

  2. Facebook

  3. Twitter

  4. Pinterest