Zaki Abdelmounim my alias is Creatiflux, I am an Art Director and a Photographer from Morocco, I worked in the TV industry for 5 years in Qatar for Channels like Aljazeera Media Network and Alkass Sport Channels as a Motion Designer.
Now I work cozily from home as a full time freelancer.

I enjoy creating visually lush images with high attention to details and light, which led me to work with great clients and musicians from around the world like Audi, Roborace, Virgin Atlantic, Striking Distance Studios, HI-SEAS Space Exploration Analog and Haywyre to name a few.

Some of my works have been previously curated on other established online sites like Fubiz, Be-street, Ufunk, Abduzeedo, USAARTNEWS, mymodernmet, theculturetrip, and Vera magazine.