Hello, and thank you for stopping by! My name is Clark Mitchell and I've had the privileged opportunity to be a part of the first generation of digital artists dating back to the '90s, which was a time before photoshop. I've also been fortunate to have my Illustrations become a part of pop culture for the last 30 years. I've been producing artwork as a contract artist for Star Wars, Disney, Lucas Arts, Pepsi, Coke, Time Magazine, Frito Lay, NFL, NBA, Playboy, Penthouse, G.I. Joe, Marvel(also collaborated with Stan Lee), Transformers, Bimbo (Bears on the packaging), Power Rangers, Indiana Jones, Blockbuster, Coors, Budweiser, Corona, and various celebrity athletes. My work has been visible in the public through magazine covers, books and also displayed in the entertainment industry for toys and games, billboards, packaging, soda cans, and commercials. My work has been present in the form of point of purchase displays in grocery stores, casinos, and many retail stores. I've made a name for myself through my dedication and hard work and have always maintained a large sense of integrity. I’ve been mostly absent from social media for the last 30 years due to my workload. I've decided at this point in my life that it was time to get out there and join the art community and network with other creators. I plan to grow a positive social media presence in the days to come and be a part of a generous and fun community. I look forward to sharing digital illustrations that I’ve created in the late '90s which was before photoshop being used as a digital illustration tool. Back then, we used a machine called the Quantel Paintbox, which was one of the first digital illustration dedicated machines. I will also be sharing my artwork that is my original design and ip's in the future days to come. Currently, I have future plans to sell artwork from some of the licenses that I've worked on so stay tuned! Thank you for your time! Please feel free to reach out to me on social media if you have any questions. I look forward to meeting you!