everything and nothing. each 1/1. me. you. them. It all started with confusion. Who was I? Who could I be? Where would I end up? So many questions. I didn't know who I was or where I was, but I knew I was someone and I knew I was somewhere. At conflict with myself, I had a few choices. I could dive deeper into the hole of self-pity and loathing I dug for myself. That's definitely one way to do it. Or, I could become that person I always dreamt of being. No matter my choice, everything was up to me. No one else to blame. I was tired of living like the person I was isn't enough and so I made the choice. I chose to better myself, or at least how I saw myself. I knew the journey was going to be the longest one I have ever endured, but something told me it would be worth it. So I did. I reconstructed my entire identity over the course of several years. Stripped away everything I knew and thought about myself and started for scratch. I was free. No pre-conceived ideas of myself left to latch onto. I could be anyone or anything I wanted. But, where to start?