I'm an Animation student in Supinfocom Rubika (France), where I learn how to create images, animations, 3D modelling, and how an animated movie is made. I'm still learning new things, practicing, making mistakes, searching who I am and how to express myself through art and stories.

I've started to draw quite young after watching Spirit from Dreamworks, and since then I haven't stop. I grew up with Disney movies and then with Japanese animes, Heroic Fantasy novels and I'm currently exploring the Chinese fantasy universe. I love immersing myself in stories and drawing the characters I like.


I studied one year in Ateliers de Sèvres in Paris after taking art classes between high school classes. In 2018 I entered the famous 3D Animation school Supinfocom and I'm currently in 2nd year.

I have done an internship in the surprising art gallery Atypiczone in Paris, making the trailer for their collaborative project with the Japanese artist NATSUSAKA Shinichiro, for their comic "Banjuro, l'Œil de Ryujin".