Callan Woolcock is a motion artist from Melbourne, Australia. He studied film & graphic design and despite having a terrible last name, has worked as a Creative Director for over a decade. That’s 10 years.

He has a very design-driven mindset, a gritty illustrative aesthetic and a mesmerizing animation style. Usually at 12 fps. But unlike Garth, he does not fear change.

Callan's cross-genre artwork is often pertinent to larger, multifaceted story-driven concepts. His love for film, the outdoors and his fascination with the human mind inspire him to create strange worlds, eccentric characters, and mysterious tales. And descriptions that are most poetic.

He also really dislikes talking about himself in the third person and finds it exhausting. I’m not sure why I keep doing it.

I think it's important to understand that I love weird and unusual stories with a continuing mystery that often defy explanation. And stories that have humour. Or humor. Depending on what country you are from.

Finally, before you touch my artwork, please, wash your hands. You don't want fingerprints on your monitor.