I'm a self taught photographer with a finance and investment background. I have taken photographs since school years starting with a Pentax SLR. Since 2003, I'm shooting digital and editing with largess. I'm interested in street photography, pop art, dance, landscape and macro. The list would go on.. Actually I care about perception, style and sometimes the message more than the specific subject matter. As time passed, I started to emphasize building a collection of photographs around a subject to cover various visual and intellectual perspectives.

On a personal note, I would love to be included among makers place artist roster. At the time of writing this during October 2020, MakersPlace has the absolute best mix of different styles and gentle curation. I would love to tokenize my photographs here. Meanwhile, I'm happily collecting great works of art here. Truly amazing artists they are..

Sometimes the blockchain works wonders and bids and rejects may not go through as intended. So if you have any specific inquiries, please DM at Twitter. Otherwise, a very good day to you all..