I am passionate about graphism and the webdesign for 7 years. I am Art director and freelance Webdesigner for 6 years

I love to find solutions and a creative approach, to take into account a human factor in the ergonomy of a site or for an application. Building a dialogue and a unique experience between user and device.

I love illustration too, drawing and create an universe, entire world to tell stories...it's my very first passion.

I mix my digital skills in my drawings, to create a contrast between the colors, the materials, the treatment, the old and the new.

My illustrations are about strange characters, born between past and future, and in a world with tangible, intangible & nature elements with unique, extraordinary capacities.

It's a weird characters, beetle, wildcat & bird, witty spirits, guardians and releasers ... Which play, dance, search, create, travel, love, guide, advise, transform, inspire, protect ...

There are the magic world of stars, sun, vivid colors, light, shadows, wild life, old and future badass characters, mysterious call that i wanted to show concrete to inspire and recall that anybody can have, be sensible and create his personal power...