People of the world

Among my favorite works are portraits, so I started a project called “People of the wold”. Portraits of ordinary people, portraits of actors, sports and entertainment characters, portraits of the heroes of science and technology and especially of characters in costumes characteristic of local ethnic groups from all over the world. I love to go hunting for typical characters with my camera in places where people wear particular costumes such as at the Carnival of Venice, at the Palio di Siena, in the countless events of historical reconstructions in which you are immersed in distant times and places and you can let your imagination work. But sometimes I build the characters synthetically and add them to the collection. After years of research I create portraits with my SMART-ART brushes, exclusive processes supported by Artificial Intelligence. I have created unique and recognizable styles, but in continuity with the past in which fantastic artists have created mosaics, trencadis, stained glass windows, compositions in carved marble and semi-precious stones. Those works have come down to us and I have set myself to be a link in the chain, in continuity with the past, but using techniques of the future and highly recognizable exclusive styles.
There are no creations in this collection.