Visual & NFT Artist. For eight years I have been carrying out my very personal artistic research exploring different forms of expression thanks to the tools available in this era, including Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence. So I created some exclusive processes, called SMART-ART, which allowed me to update, in a completely renewed way, styles of the glorious tradition of mosaics, stained glass windows, trencadis, opus sectile, marble inlays. I consider myself a link in the chain, which has its roots in the legacy of the past and expresses itself in its own original way, creating a language that can capture attention and excite thanks to completely new and exclusive tools. My background is that of an engineer, industrial manager and entrepreneur in the innovation sector who has found a way to combine a passion for art and his own technical skills. My process of creating the works is completely digital, but I have made my works on canvas, FOREX, porcelain stoneware, backlit LED panels physical by participating in prestigious exhibitions in Italy and abroad. I cite as an example the exhibition "The state of art at the time of the 58th Venice Biennale", the personal exhibition at the M.A.D. of Mantua, Exhibitions in Zurich, India, Miami and Barcelona. I am an official member selected by the Mondial Art Academia as a talented painter and mosaicist. I started a project called “People of the world” which portrays typical people from all over the world. NFTs are a logical addition to my entirely digital processes. I am creating interactive 3D Virtual Galleries in which I set up Personal Exhibitions and Exhibitions for other Artists and Galleries. My works are visible from my website and from my links to my social networks