Blake Lockard is a Colorado-based Digital Artist. His works feature human and abstract figures that capture and ignite the human experience inside felt and unfelt realities. Using tools such as 3D, photography, texture, light, and color he creates work that helps us question what it means to exist.

Blake was first introduced to the world of Digital art in 2012 when he started creating "edits" using applications on his mobile phone to post to Instagram. He made a name for himself in the early days of Instagram Digital Artists by immersing himself in the community and creating assets that other artists could freely use in their "edits". Instagram allowed Blake to gain several thousand followers. This exposure helped his work become noticed and shared by several famous musicians such as Pretty Lights and The Glitch Mob.

After several years of creating artwork using mobile applications, Blake worked at Anderson Ranch Arts Center. His involvement with Anderson Ranch in 2014-2016 exposed him to the world of fine art, where he was able to learn from amazing digital artists, including Joshua Davis and Casey Reas. Since then, Blake has continued to grow as a digital artist by expanding his skillset and connecting with other well-known artists worldwide.

Since then, Blake has taken his work in a different direction. Creating content for social media became draining and unfulfilling. When he began to learn about Crypto Art, this changed things. With knowledge of how the fine art world worked, Blake always struggled to find a way to create work that could be meaningful in the art world. NFT's have changed this as they allow digital artists to create editions of their work that can be collected and owned. Blake is excited about this opportunity to share his experiences and perspectives through art in a medium that resonates with who he is.