In my works everything starts with the auditory sphere, being a long time musician, putting the sound at the core of every creative outburst, so inverting the usual perspective in visual art, changing the way the results in the end appear. Currently my interest as a sound artist is aimed to experimental electronic music, mainly made by a modular synthesiser, but also hardware synths expanders (with no keyboard), sampling (as in microsound and granular synthesis), softwares as MaxMSP/Jitter and other amenities of that kind. As a crypto artist I decided to develop my sound vision by implementing the visual part. Soon the two sides (audio and video) of my works became one single entity. This desire was in nuce in lots of my late works as a live musician with live visuals, both generated by me and my machines.

After long time spent in the art world, after years spent on electronic music live improvisation combined with generative video performance, I decided in the beginning of 2021 to start with a new adventure in my life, following the path of the growing cryptoart scene, a new path on my way to the exploration of creativity, finally giving life to several ideas I had in mind and never developed until then.

Actually, I see BLΛCK7EVEN as a "virtual artist" project run by me and my machines. A sort of biotech duo. The focus of the project is about glitches, errors, randomness, everything that is generally tagged as "wrong", and all those weirdness that make me feel alive and free in a more and more standardised and enslaved world.
To me, art was from the beginning a form of self-therapy against the discomfort and the refusal caused by the human beings. My artworks live in the deep groove between the society and my feelings about it. Being unable to detach myself from that abyss, I decided to start decorating the place. Yet – if you can see/hear it – there is always some kind of strongly glowing light deep inside my works, that is the hope for the immense power of creativity intelligence, the only true unique feature of mankind, the only cure to consciously reach freedom. So I always hope my art can heal something on this little hell in which we have sunk.

In the end, I'm not a visual artist, I'm not a sound artist, I'm not a wannabe artist, I’m not even a complete artist. I never would. I'm just a 45 y-o artist and still you can find me on the line, loving to surf on this mad crypto space.
My IRL name is Vincenzo Scorza.